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TYF offers a variety of exciting programs for youth and families.

Our programs are designed to provide young people with opportunities for fun, creativity, leadership, and personal growth.

Recreational Programs

Our recreational programs are exciting and designed to provide young people with fun, creativity, and personal growth.TYF offers various recreational programs catering to different interests and age groups. We believe in the power of play and recreation to foster social connections, boost self-confidence, and promote overall well-being.


Sports & Fitness: Our sports programs encourage youth to engage in physical activities, develop essential motor skills, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Whether it's team sports like the Calumet City Chargers National Youth Football and Cheer Program, TYF Shockers Flag Football Program, Illinois Lightning Basketball Program, or the Strikers Bowling Program, we provide a platform for children to discover their passion for sports and enhance their physical well-being.


Arts and Culture: For children interested in exploring their creative side, our arts and culture programs offer a space to express themselves. From crafts to learning how to DJ, write poetry, compete in oratorical contests, and more, we encourage young individuals to unleash their creativity, cultivate their talents, and learn to appreciate the beauty of arts and culture.


Outdoor Adventure: Our outdoor adventure programs provide opportunities for youth to explore nature, develop problem-solving skills, and foster a sense of adventure. We organize outdoor trips, camping experiences, and other activities that allow young people to connect with the natural world and build resilience through challenging experiences.


Social Clubs and Activities: Through our social clubs and social activities, we aim to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where youth can form friendships, build social skills, and engage in meaningful interactions. These programs range from book clubs, gaming clubs, and community service groups, allowing youth to connect with like-minded peers.

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Mentoring Programs

Mentorship is a powerful tool that can make a significant difference in the lives of youth. Our mentoring programs aim to match young people with experienced and caring mentors who can provide guidance, support, and encouragement. We offer a variety of mentoring programs to cater to the unique needs and interests of youth.


Our ono-on-one mentoring program pairs a mentor with a mentee to establish a personal and meaningful connection. We also offer group mentoring program that create a supportive community where mentees can interact with peers and mentors who share similar backgrounds and experiences. Through group activities, workshops, and discussions, mentees gain valuable insights, develop social skills, and build a sense of belonging.


Through the Young Knights Mentoring Program for Young Men, SisterHood In Action (SHIA) Mentoring Program for Young Women, and Empowered Choices Mentoring Program (a program that promotes violence prevention), we prioritize ensuring a safe and nurturing environment that promotes trust, open communication, and mutual respect. Our mentors undergo thorough training and are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our youth.

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Mental Well-Being Programs

We recognize the importance of addressing mental health and promoting emotional well-being in youth and young adults. Our mental wellness programs are designed to provide support, resources, and strategies to help young people navigate the challenges they may face and develop coping skills and resilience.


Counseling and Therapy: We offer individual and group counseling sessions led by licensed professionals specializing in youth mental health. These sessions provide a safe and confidential space for young people to discuss their concerns, develop coping mechanisms, and receive guidance in managing their emotions and mental health challenges.


Peer Support Groups: We facilitate peer support groups where young people can connect with others who have shared experiences. These groups provide a supportive and empathetic environment for sharing experiences, gaining perspective, and receiving encouragement from peers who understand what they are going through.

Our current programs are:

Watunza: Support for youth coping with grief, loss, and racial injustice, Thrive Total Wellness Program, and Empowered Choices: Navigating Healthy Futures Program.

Community Service Programs

TYF offers a range of impactful community service programs to engage youth and encourage them to make a positive difference in their communities. We believe in the power of youth to bring about meaningful change and create a better world and a brighter future. Our community service programs offer opportunities to develop important life skills, foster empathy, and actively contribute to the betterment of society.


Since 2008, we have offered the TYF Helping Hands Program and the TYF Helping Hands Program -Veterans Edition, These are early leadership programs designed around youth giving back to the communities in which they live. Our youth participants are responsible for toy drives, food drives, clothing drives, and more.


These programs also include:

Volunteer Opportunities: We collaborate with local organizations and community partners to provide diverse opportunities. From local shelters and food pantries to participating in environmental conservation projects, our youth volunteers play an active role in addressing community needs.


Let´s work together

Join the Tomorrows Youth Foundation in fostering a vibrant future for youth. Let's collaborate with community members and stakeholders to empower youth and families while cultivating a world where they can truly thrive.

We are stronger together.

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